Huf is presenting not just one, but three innovations for the electric self-driving car for the European premiere of Rinspeed’s OASIS concept vehicle: a pioneering access system for sharing concepts, an intuitive electronic door handle and an innovative proximity sensor. The Huf access system is a particular triumph: unique IT developments and digital technologies allow different sharing models to be demonstrated on the OASIS. Huf is presenting these models under the SixSense brand.

The solution consists of a mobile app which allows you to search for and book a vehicle. What makes SixSense so special is the digital car key which is sent to the mobile app. Issued and transmitted digitally for specific persons and time periods, the usage and access rights for the vehicle allow the user to open, start and lock the vehicle with their smartphone. Trade fair visitors will experience how the app can be used to search for and book the concept vehicle and see other possibilities available for its use. The digital SixSense access integrated into the OASIS provides entry to the vehicle twenty-four hours a day and also allows access to be shared with other users. The car driver receives a digital key with all rights for a stipulated time period, but other users can also be given access to the vehicle or individual parts of the vehicle. The driver can offer the car as a station for parcel services or as a pizza taxi, for example.

“The basis for this car-sharing model is securing personal and time-restricted rights to vehicle usage,” explains Claudia Hover at Huf Secure Mobile. “The authorized user requires a car key for a specific period of time, which is transferred virtually and safely using the SixSense solution. The system is based on willingness to share your vehicle with other users.”