Rinspeed Oasis Concept Car 2017 (Press)


Rinspeed takes trends such as digital worlds, new mobility concepts and ownership versus sharing and incorporates them in an integral approach with the OASIS concept car. The basic idea behind this vehicle is “mobility fused with IT and living spaces”. OASIS shows different ways of using and sharing a car. The car of the future also combines different living spaces, merging home, hotel, office or car into a single unit with OASIS. This is a vehicle which allows different living spaces to meld. In the OASIS, you can work and relax as if you were in your own home thanks to the comfortable easy chair and integrated green area, or simply drive. Such a concept would be unfeasible without IT and visionary digital technologies.

OASIS presents different sharing models. Firstly, the user looks for and reserves the vehicle in the same way as conventional car sharing. The driver can then also share their journey with a passenger. OASIS can also be used as a delivery van: a pizza is delivered into the box and removed at a later stage, providing yet another way to share the car.

When car usage is split in this way, a system is needed to determine who may use the car and when and how they may use it. The authorized user, whether it be the driver or the pizza deliverer, thus requires a car key for a specific time period. To make things practical, the key should not be given to the user physically by hand, but the transfer does also need to be safe and secure. In the OASIS, these requirements are met with Huf Secure Mobile SixSense solution.

SixSense comprises a mobile app which allows users to search for and book a vehicle. What makes SixSense so special is its digital car key. Usage rights are issued and transferred digitally to a specific person and for a specific time period. Once rights have been transferred, the car can be opened, closed, and, most importantly, started using a smartphone without needing a conventional key. The key is transferred digitally. The driver will find it on their key ring in the mobile app. They will then be able to open and start the car with the app. The smartphone is merely a means to an end and is interchangeable with other devices. Another smartphone, a different mobile device or even a wearable can be used since the key is issued to the person or their digital identity. The digital SixSense access integrated into the OASIS thus allows a vehicle to be shared twenty-four hours a day. The driver receives the digital key with all rights for a specific time period while a pizza deliverer may only open and close the box. When you share a car, you also need to know where the vehicle concerned is located at the specified time.

The added value for drivers, owners, hirers and other users comes from the option to share a car and a wide variety of journeys to an optimum extent. That’s why SixSense combines issuing digital access and rights with telematics and fleet services. There is an owner or a fleet manager behind every shared car who needs to manage the vehicle and drivers. SixSense provides all the necessary services from a single source.

Security take a special priority. Huf Secure Mobile security experts not only attach great importance to digital encryption. The passenger compartment detection system in the OASIS will only let a journey begin if the authorized driver is actually inside the vehicle. Huf Secure Mobile’s core digital car access expertise is acquired from its parent company, the Huf Group, which has been developing and producing electronic and mechanical vehicle access and driver authorization systems for the automotive industry for more than 90 years.

OASIS has also been fitted with an intuitive electronic external door handle made by Huf. Firmly fitted into the door, this handle features an innovative sensor concept. It responds to a gentle operating force to open and lock the car, meaning just a slight tug on the handle is sufficient to release the door with the built-in sensor. The handle’s improved fastening concept increases the contact pressure, so no water, air or dust can get through the car door and the aeroacoustics are improved. Its reduced weight offers another advantage, saving energy and achieving cost potential. The fixed external door handle also enhances crash safety compared to a conventional system. A fixed handle will not cause the door to open inadvertently due to deformation to paneling during a crash if the sensor is deactivated.

Rinspeed refers to the green space with different plants integrated into the OASIS as “mobility greening”. Access is gained to the green space using the concealed proximity sensor built into the flap beneath the windscreen. The sensor is activated by moving your hand over the flap, opening it in seconds. Integrated software algorithms prevent accidental sensor activation, thus ensuring the plants are kept safe at all times. The entire OASIS concept car access system has thus been made with Huf Group products.

The Huf Group employs a workforce of around 7,400 worldwide – in Europe, America and Asia. Around 600 of them work in Huf development centers in Germany, Romania, China, the US, Korea and India. Over 1,400 employees work at the parent company in Velbert. The Huf Group generated sales of 1.3 million euros in 2015.

Source: Rinspeed press file